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There's this weird LJ renaissance going on these days and since I've always been all with the hipster-cool-kid-stuff, I'm jumping in to say...

Yeah. I got nothing. It's cold, I have a cold, my kids have a cold, and TMOTH is trying NOT to have the aforementioned cold. So, of course, it's just a matter of time 'til he has the cold. It's like the circle of life except without Simba or, you know, anyone actually dying or being born so it's really nothing like the Circle of Life. It's more "Circle of Virus," which really doesn't have nearly the same ring to it.

Yeah. Like I said- I got nothing.

Tea anyone? Sudafed? No?


Just so long as I'm doing what the cool kids are doing.

I have cholera!

Okay, this is a little more political than I usually get but...

So here's what I think

I think that my life is like a ride at Disneyland- except without the "wow, that was fun!" part. Okay, actually just my professional life. My home life is at least within spitting distance of that part.

And to sum it up- in Haiku. Which fits the day.

Being a grownup
can be very challenging.


I think I've figured out the reason for our crappy weather (today not withstanding). Apparently, there are a set of boneheads here in New England who are going to unreasonable lengths to avoid putting away their sweaters. As we all know, the day you put your sweaters away is the same day it will snow- this phenomenon is known in scientific circles as the Sweater Snow Paradox. I believe that, in an effort to avoid the Sweater Snow Paradox, these idiots have waited until what should be the height of summer to pack away the woolies- bringing the coldest, most miserable weather that New England summer can muster each time one of them finally gives in and carries the box to the attic. Therefore, in the interest of the greater good, I hereby proclaim today National Put Your F-ing Sweaters Away Already Day. If you haven't yet packed them up, or you know someone who's holding out: Tonight is the Night. Put those suckers away. Let us have one last All Summer in a Day experience and then we can FINALLY get on with summer.

Got it? Spread the word.

So proud

Chatted with one of my former students on Facebook tonight. He's a working actor in LA now. As his former speech/theatre teacher (one of them, at least), I'm just...proud. This must be what it feels like when your kids grow up and leave home and do the things that make them happiest. He's working and he's happy and I'm sitting here grinning from ear to ear at his happiness- even though he has a lame day job (his words), he's living the life and he's happy and I had a teeny, tiny part in it. It's almost enough to make me go back into the classroom. Almost.

The whole thing has me thinking, though, about how my approach to theatre ed would be different if I were doing it today. I'm dabbling in mindfulness and the whole idea of being fully present seems so closely aligned with what I tried to teach as a theatre teacher. When I taught theatre, my whole point was that honesty was everything. Be fully honest about what you're feeling on stage and your audience will go along with you on the ride. Don't worry if it feels like the emotion doesn't fit the scene. Go with what you feel- own it, work with it, and trust the people around you to honor it- and you just can't go wrong.

Sounds a lot like being "fully present" to me.


Is it September Yet?

We've been out of school for barely 72 hours and I'm pretty sure that only one of the three of us is going to make it to September. I'm not entirely sure which, but the odds of us all making it?

Growing slimmer by the moment.

We've spent the day at odds. Actually, since Thursday afternoon, we've been at odds. Want a taste?

"Can we go to the pool?"
"No. It's storming."

"Can we go to the pool?"
"No. It's 7:30 pm. The pool is closed."

"Will you buy me a slip and slide?"
"Well see."

"Can I have ice cream from the ice cream truck?"

"Can I play video games/ watch TV?"
"No. You've used up all your screen time today."

Right now, both of them are in their rooms throwing raging tantrums because their father wanted to take them over to the Rock Swap (which is much cooler than it sounds) and out for the afternoon. Yes- they're mad because we wanted to do something fun out of the house. I feel like I've done nothing but yell for the last two days. Please chew with your mouth closed. Please don't hit your sister with giant stuffed duck. Please stop whining. No, you may not play video games right now. No, you may not turn on the tv. No you may not have a cookie or ice cream or soda or crystal meth or whatever the hell it is you want.

They've bickered and fought and screamed over everything from who gets custody of the giant stuffed duck to who threw away the teeny tiny piece of paper that is suddenly the most important thing in the whole world. We have had arguments over who loves mama more, whether first really is worst, second is really best, third is actually the one with the hairy chest- not to mention the ongoing debate of whether seeing Molly (or Harry's) underpants is in truth the same as seeing London and France- and whether one has the right to finish the rhyme if "I see London, I see France," is actually not true. Harry has also decided that since he's in charge of his own body, that means we don't get to tell him what to eat, when to go to bed, or when to bathe. He's decided his summer project is to learn to burp the ABCs and has practiced pretty much non-stop, in spite of my repeated requests that he practice in his room or in the bathroom.

It's 1:00 in the afternoon and all I want is for my children to go. away. I'm the worst mother in the entire world- and DH has that look in his eye. The one that says, "I cannot be at home alone with these children all summer. I'm moving to Alaska." I'm seriously considering going with him.

Did I mention we got out of school on THURSDAY?


Of course you do!

Tie the world together, dude.



This is just...nifty.


Calm before the storm

and after the storm. You know that feeling you have right before something hard is going to happen? Well, the hard stuff is going to happen in about 12 hours, but I'm not feeling the ick factor. I'm not quite sure what that means- other than I might have a lot more time to write soon.


The day I really, really needed.

I think I've been going at a dead run for so long that I didn't realize that I was totally wiped out. Today turned out to bejust what the doctor ordered- should the doctor be the type to order a day of garden and writing. I'm slowly but steadily moving towards this thing that could be a portfolio...sort of. I've got 4 pieces- picture books- but I'm not quite ready to put myself out there to try to get an agent- heck I won't even join the Society of Children's Books Writiers and Illustrators 'cause I'm just not quite sure that I'm one of them</>. You know- the people who actually write and believe that someone besides their mom would want to read it- or at least read it more than once?

In any case, it doesn't matter 'cause there were hummingbirds on my columbine this morning and the garden looks pretty good and the laundry will...fold itself while I'm gone.